Selected Quranic Recitations ( 1 of 9)
  • Quran: 59. Surah Al-Hashr (21-24)

The Quran is an eternal miracle given to the final Prophet, Muhammad, as proof of his prophethood; as such, it is unique and incomparable. Although revealed fourteen centuries ago, it remains even today completely intact and unaltered (in its original Arabic form).Click here to discover more about it

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Names and Terms

Basic Islamic names and terms (Click on the term to know more about it):

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The following is a list of examples of people who converted to Islam.

How did they become muslims

They followed 3 steps


They started by understanding islam and get to know it more

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They Pronounced the Testimony of Faith 'Shahada'

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They started their "Day-After-Shahadah" by Learning how to practice Islam well ...

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