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In this page we bring to you a list of common words that will be very useful in your daily vocabulary (SAUDI ACCENT)

Arabic Common Words

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# Arabic Word Meaning
1 N’aam Yes
2 Laa No
3 Shukran Thank you
4 Shukran jazeelan Thank you very much
5 Sayyid Mr
6 sayyida Mrs
7 Anisa Miss
8 Mmarhaba. Hello
9 SabaaH il-kheyr Good morning
10 Masaa il-kher Good evening
11 Ma’ al-salaama Goodbye
12 keyf How
13 leysh Why
14 kam How many
15 ayy Which
16 miin Who
17 weyn Where
18 min-weyn From where
19 eysh What
20 Fii amaan il-laah In God’s care (Is another way of saying good-bye)
21 Ahlan wa sahlan Welcome
22 Inshaalla God willing (It used before any reference to an action, which has not yet taken place)
23 Mumkin If you may
24 Min fadlak Please (to a woman)
25 Min fadlik fadlak. Please (to a man)
26 Keyf Haalak How are you? (to a man)
27 Keyf Haalik How are you? (to a woman)
28 il-Hamdu li-laah ana tamaam How are you reply
29 Is-salaamu ‘aleykum Peace be upon you (Always addressed by the incomer to an individual or group)
30 wa‘aleykum issalaam And upon you be peace (Peace be upon you reply)
31 Ma asmuk What is your name
32 Min ayn ant Where do you come from
33 kitab Book
34 Baas Bus
35 sayyara Car
36 bared Cold
37 daktour Doctor
38 baab Door
39 sawwaag Driver
40 Sadiig Friend (For man)
41 Sadiiga Friend (For woman)
42 mustashfa Hospital
43 filuusl Money
44 maktab Office
45 waraga Paper
46 galam Pen
47 shari’a Street
48 Tawla Table
49 il-yowm Today
50 bukra Tomorrow
51 shughul Work
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